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Volunteer for New Blues Festival !

Want to become involved in the blues festival? The best way is to volunteer for this year's New Blues Festival. We are looking for anyone and everyone who is interested in helping us on event day. The New Blues Festival Team is grateful to volunteers who dedicate their time and commitment in helping the event become successful. The event would not run smoothly without the help of volunteers. 

All volunteers will receive; food, drinks, and two FREE tickets to the show for their friends and/or family. You can help us out and then enjoy the festival afterwards. 





 Contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns: volunteer@longbeachbluessociety.org

Time Haley: (425) 344-4409

Volunteer Details​

Deadline to Apply is July 15th!


Date: August 8th & 9th 2020


Location: Shoreline Aquatic Park Long Beach


Volunteer Shifts:

  • Morning- 9am - 1pm
  • Afternoon- 1pm- 5 pm
  • Evening- 5pm - 9pm


Are you interested in volunteering at our event?

You MUST fill out the Volunteer Information Form


If you are under 18 years old:

You must PRINT and have a parent/guadian SIGN the form below and bring it to the day of the event. You will NOT to able to volunteer at the event.

Liability Form



Contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns: volunteer@longbeachbluessociety.org​

Volunteer Responsibilities

When submitting an application to volunteer for New Blue Festival, you are indicating your agreement on the conditions listed below regarding your volunteer service on the day of the event.

  • I will follow all rules and/or guidelines of New Blues Festival.
  • I will comminucate my skills and the limitation of my skills to the Volunteer Coordinator. If I require a resonable accommodation due to a disability, I will notify the Volunteer Coordinator and any other appropriate person once I have completed the application form.
  • I will not go beyond the scope of responsibilities assigned to me. I will use my judgement in refusing risky or inappropriate request and situations.
  • I will remain for the entire duration of my shift. If any scheduling changes that may occur durning the event, I will notify the Volunteer Coordinator. If I cannot perform the agreed-upon service for any reason, I will contact the Volunteer Coordinator prior to my scheduled time of service.
  • I will inform the Volunteer Coordinator of problems that occur while I am performing volunteer services as soon as possible.

As a volunteer, it is our hope that you will strive to do your best to keep the commitments you have made in completing the volunteer application. 






Thank you so much for your interest and commitment in volunteering for the New Blues Festival.